We recently sought feedback on the revised proposal to improve cycling connection between Lambton Park and Croudace Street, by creating a ‘quietway’ along Pearson Street and improving connection to the existing network. A quietway is a mixed traffic environment where vehicle speeds and volume are lowered and cyclists can share the standard traffic lane with general traffic.

What was proposed?

The project will remain largely the same as the previous concept, with traffic calming along Pearson Street and appropriate connections including sections of shared path, crossings and off/on ramps.

The main changes, which come as a result of extensive community feedback, are:

  • Replacing Pearson Street thresholds with cushions
  • Extending the shared path in Croudace Street north of Pearson Street to the midblock crossing at Lambton Public School
  • Moving the combined crossing on Morehead Street south towards the existing Lambton Park shared path, with a shared path to Pearson Street
  • Replacing the pedestrian crossing at the end of Pearson Street at Morehead Street with a pedestrian refuge
  • Providing a crossing option for eastbound cyclists in Pearson Street to Lambton Park with kerb extension and ramps
  • Restricting Grainger Street to one-way southbound between Elder Street and Howe Street, maintaining access for northbound cyclists
  • Maintaining the right turn from Croudace Street into Pearson Street (recognising that alternative movements are more dangerous)
  • Potentially banning left turns from Croudace Street to Pearson Street if there is community support (reduce rat running and increase safety at intersection)


Public exhibition for the provision of a cycling route along Pearson Street between Lambton Park and Croudace Street was held earlier this year. This project was developed to address a gap in the major cycling route that connects Wallsend with inner suburbs and facilities, including Broadmeadow Station. The intent is to provide an option for cyclists, by reducing traffic volumes and speeds on Pearson Street, and provide good connections to the existing cycleways.

Due to the various dimensions of the project, and the number of well-considered insights provided by the community during consultation, the project was reviewed. Taking on board the feedback provided by the community, we updated the plans to improve:

  • Street drainage and management of flood flows
  • Road safety for all road users
  • The coherence of the route for cyclists
  • Connection to Lambton Public School
  • Vegetation planting
  • Traffic conditions in Grainger Street

It should be noted that all issues submitted under the consultation have been considered. There is a FAQ at the bottom of this page to provide more information.

Thanks for having your say!

We recently sought community feedback to make an informed decision on this project. The public exhibition period closed midnight on Friday 9 September 2022.

All comments received will be reported to a future Council meeting for consideration before a final decision is made.

Note: Writing a submission is one way of sharing your views and opinions with Council. All submissions are considered before making a decision and your submission may be included in a report to Council. If you wish to have information in your submission suppressed, you will need to request this in writing.