City of Newcastle (CN) owns a wide range of land and buildings ("Council Property") which help meet the diverse needs of its residents.

CN provides a variety of property types including:

  • Community groups for contribution to the physical, cultural, social and intellectual welfare or development of the community
  • Commercial buildings (or areas of multi-use buildings) to generate a financial return.

The Lease and Licence Policy provides CN with a framework to support the financially sustainable, equitable, fair and transparent management of lease and licences of Council Property.

What does the Policy cover?

The Draft Policy outlines:

  • How Council Property will be leased and licenced by individuals, organisations and businesses
  • Lease and licence terms, responsibilities and financial obligations
  • The process for entering into new leases and licences.

What is the purpose of the Policy?

The Draft Policy provides a framework for:

  • Aligning policies and procedures to relevant legislation
  • Providing services for community benefit and commercial return
  • Establishing agreement types and application
  • Optimising use and utilisation that is equitable and affordable
  • Undertaking strategic assessments to reflect objectives
  • Providing a clear process to consider proposals including:
    • Categories of lessees and business operating models
    • Key lease or licence terms
    • Market rent, rent payable and any in-kind subsidy CN provides
    • Roles and responsibilities
  • Outlining how owner's consent, grant applications and funding will be considered
  • Identifying the approval process for proposed leases, licences or other lessee requests.

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