Maryville Fitness Stations

We're committed to promoting the health and wellbeing of our community. We're working in collaboration with Hunter Ageing Alliance to identify appropriate locations for the installation of age-friendly fitness equipment along Maryville foreshore.

Age-friendly fitness equipment means everyone can participate, providing older residents the same opportunities to remain physically, intellectually, and socially active as younger residents.

Do you support the installation of fitness stations in Maryville? Have your say on the proposed locations and share your ideas for equipment that you'd like to see included.

Your feedback will be used to identify whether there is community support for the project and seek grant funding.

Proposed locations

Two potential locations for the fitness stations have been identified along the Maryville foreshore, one near the Throsby Creek bridge and the other between Woolshed Place and Fishermans Way.

Thanks for having your say!

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on the potential installation of age-friendly fitness stations along Maryville foreshore. Feedback has now closed. We are currently reviewing your feedback and will report back soon.