What is proposed?

We recently sought feedback on a proposal to construct kerb extensions and a footpath along Christo Road from Lambton Road to Traise Street, and along Traise Street to Clarence Road.

Proposed works will include:

  • Construction of a footpath on the north side of Christo Road between Lambton Road and Traise Street and on the north side of Traise Street between Christo Road and Clarence Street
  • Construction of kerb ramps to allow accessible crossing of Christo Road west of Traise Street
  • Kerb realignment to improve traffic flows and provide sufficient width for an accessible footpath

Why is this being proposed?

Pedestrian connectivity along Traise Street is part of a larger project which will improve accessibility between the three adjoining suburbs: Waratah, Lambton and North Lambton. The next stage of this project will include a pedestrian connection from Clarence Road to Veralum Street, with footpath sections on Acacia Avenue and Griffith Road, and a crossing point on Acacia Avenue.

The complete project will improve access to bus stops and signalised crossings on Lambton Road and Griffith Road. This will increase options for people wanting to walk or catch public transport in this area, enabling people to reach schools, parks and local centres.

This consultation, which is supported by the Newcastle City Traffic Committee, was undertaken to ensure that the community was informed and had the opportunity to provide feedback.

Thanks for having your say!

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on our proposal to improve pedestrian safety and accessibility between Lambton Road and Clarence Road, Waratah. Feedback has now closed. We are currently reviewing your feedback and will report back soon.