Making it easier for you to cross the road

Walking is a healthy, affordable, social and environmentally friendly way of moving around our city. Encouraging walking is important for the wellbeing of our community, and the liveability of our city.

We're delivering a more strategic approach to how we plan and deliver pedestrian crossing facilities across Newcastle. Pedestrian crossing facilities include marked and raised pedestrian crossings, children's crossings and refuge islands which make it easier for pedestrians to cross the road. These facilities and accompanying treatments will help to reduce vehicle speeds, improve visibility and reduce crossing distances to improve safety and comfort for pedestrians.

Existing design standards provide important guidance for crossing facilities with a focus on the road features and environment. However, a deeper understanding of lived experiences from the community provides additional guidance to effectively deliver pedestrian crossing infrastructure.

Your feedback is important to ensure our pedestrian crossing facilities reflect the diversity of our community and cater to the needs of all pedestrians including older residents, people with mobility or vision impairments, parents with prams, school children and tourists.

Thanks for having your say!

Thanks for sharing your feedback to improve how we plan and deliver pedestrian crossing facilities across Newcastle. By sharing your thoughts and experiences, you are actively helping City of Newcastle to plan for the needs of pedestrians and cyclists.

We're currently reviewing your feedback and will report back soon.