What is proposed?

We recently sought feedback on concept designs to improve pedestrian safety and reduce vehicle speeds.

Proposed works include:

  • The installation of kerb extensions on Auckland Street to improve pedestrian connectivity.
  • The installation of landscaped kerb extensions on Laman Street to encourage lower vehicle speeds and support a safer cycling environment.

Walking and cycling along Laman Street is very popular. It connects residential areas of Cooks Hill with key destinations including the City Library, Civic Park, Newcastle Community Pre-school, and the University of Newcastle City Campus.

We're seeking to improve pedestrian and cyclist safety by introducing kerb extensions to reduce crossing distances and calm traffic.

Laman Street is also part of the R1 Regional Cycle Route in CN's 'On Our Bikes – Cycling Plan 2021-2030'. The proposed works will support a cycling quiet way along Laman Street. Quiet ways aim to create a low-stress on-road experience for cyclists, with low speeds and volumes of motorised traffic.

The proposed changes will improve the safety of all road users and reduce traffic speed.

Thanks for having your say!

Thanks for having your say on the proposed kerb extensions at Laman Street and Auckland Street, Cooks Hill. During the public exhibition, we received 59 submissions. 42 people supported the proposed upgrades (19 with changes) and 17 were unsupportive.

The main themes that we heard were in relation to:

  • the reduction of on-street parking
  • the inclusion of a pedestrian crossing facility on Laman Street
  • installation of a marked pedestrian crossing on Auckland Street
  • the use of speed humps, speed cushions or a raised crossing.
The draft concept plan was presented to Council on 28 November, however, the project will remain on hold until the conclusion of the revision of the Cooks Hill Local Area Traffic Management Project and the Civic Public Domain Plan.