In June 2020 we reached out to the Shortland community to gain an understanding of key issues in the area. A consistent issue raised during this consultation was safety for pedestrians crossing Sandgate Road.

In response to this feedback we are proposing the implementation of a 40km/hr High Pedestrian Activity Area (HPAA). This forms part of a Local Centres Public Domain and Traffic Plan. A public exhibition ran from 22 February to 21 March 2021. We are reviewing this feedback and will communicate the outcomes and next steps soon.

Information about the 2020 community engagement is on our Have Your Say page.

General information about this project is on our Local Centres page.

What was being proposed by Council?

We sought feedback on proposed public domain upgrades to improve pedestrian safety and reduce driver speeds along Sandgate Road in the Shortland Local Centre area.

You can preview the plan below, or open in PDF using this link.

The proposed changes are:

  • Implementation of a 40km/hr speed limit through the Local Centre area.
  • Installation of landscaped kerb extensions or islands, with speed cushions at the northern entry point to the HPAA
  • Installation of landscaped kerb extensions or islands, with a pedestrian refuge at the southern entry point to the HPAA
  • Speed cushions in the centre of the Local Centre area.
  • Realignment of kerb ramps at Mawson Street.
  • Installation of a new landscaped kerb blister or island on Sandgate Road south of the Mawson Street intersection to protect parked cars from oncoming traffic.
  • Relocation of the disabled parking space from Hansen Place to achieve appropriate grade.
  • Installation of a new landscaped kerb extension or island at the entry to Shortland Local Centre to assist pedestrians crossing Hansen Place.
  • Public domain upgrades including new footpath and street furniture between Mawson Street and Hansen Place.

All existing parking arrangements are retained unless shown on the plan. Street furniture including bins, seating and bicycle racks will be located in consultation with business owners.

Have your say

Thank you to the members of the community and other stakeholders for providing your feedback on the proposed changes. The public exhibition period closed at midnight on Sunday 21 March 2021. We have reviewed community submissions and the results have informed the finalisation of the PDP.

In response to community feedback the proposed pedestrian refuge has been moved southward from outside the 7/11 to outside 281 Sandgate Road and the proposed kerb extension outside 309 Sandgate Road has been omitted.

The final PDP and a proposed Light Traffic Thoroughfare (LTT) was approved by the Newcastle City Traffic Committee (NCTC) on 19 April 2021, and endorsed by the elected Council on 25 May 2021.

It is anticipated that footpath upgrades will commence this financial year and the community will be updated prior to the start of construction.