We have sought feedback on a proposal to improve the drainage at Tooke Street, Cooks Hill, creating a safer and more accessible street for residents and pedestrians.


In addition to making necessary stormwater upgrades, this proposal will also significantly improve pedestrian safety and amenity on Tooke Street, near the intersections with Dawson Street and Darby Street.

Reconstructing the existing stormwater pipe with a larger pipe and providing additional stormwater pits and pipes, means that the street will be less prone to flooding. This work requires the reconstruction of sections of road and this gives us the opportunity to also upgrade the existing paved threshold at the intersection of Darby Street with a new pedestrian refuge and speed hump.

Installation of kerb extensions and kerb ramps at the intersection of Dawson Street and Tooke Street will improve accessibility and safety, with reduced crossing distances and improved ability for pedestrians to see cars before crossing.

This consultation, which is supported by the Newcastle City Traffic Committee, was undertaken to ensure that the community is informed and has the opportunity to raise concerns.

What was proposed

  • Upgrade of the existing stormwater pipe between Dawson Street and Darby Street
  • Provision of new stormwater pits and pipes crossing Dawson Street and Tooke Street
  • Construction of kerb extensions at Dawson Street with kerb ramps
  • Replacement of the existing paved threshold at the Darby Street intersection with a new pedestrian refuge and a speed hump.