Special Business Rate (SBR) Expenditure Policy

City of Newcastle (CN) levies a Special Business Rate (SBR) on commercial properties in the identified business precincts of City Centre/Darby Street, Hamilton, Mayfield, Wallsend and New Lambton. The purpose of this program is the promotion, beautification and development of the SBR precincts.

CN's SBR Expenditure Policy provides a framework for managing the expenditure of SBR funds. The policy outlines the eligibility and assessment criteria for applicants seeking SBR funding, and governs how these funds are allocated to ensure transparency and accountability.

All CN policies are subject to periodic review. The current SBR Expenditure Policy was adopted by Council in August 2019 and is now undergoing a review process.

For more information about the Special Business Rate Program, please visit: newcastle.nsw.gov.au/special-business-rates

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