In 2019, City of Newcastle (CN) constructed speed cushions on Albert Street, Wickham to slow traffic and increase safety, in line with Wickham's Local Area Traffic Management Study (2017). These speed cushions were investigated and found to cause excessive vibration and noise, with investigations also finding that there was an excessive amount of heavy vehicle traffic moving through this location.

In May 2021, the Newcastle City Traffic Committee (NCTC) met to discuss the removal of the existing speed cushions, and recommendations for other alternative traffic calming devices.

The draft concept designs include: the relocation of an existing pedestrian refuge, new kerb islands, medians and improved lighting. The design aims to improve the safety of road users, pedestrians and residents.

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Thanks for having your say on the proposed concept designs for traffic calming infrastructure along Albert Street, Wickham. We're currently reviewing your feedback and will report back soon.