From 23 March to 3 May 2023, we asked the community to identify key road and embankment issues on Woodward Street, Merewether. Community members were able to have their say via completing the online form, commenting on the interactive map or provide feedback via email. We received 33 online form submissions, 105 comments on our interactive map (from 38 participants) and 1 email submission.


Community members and residents surrounding Woodward Street, Merewether, have raised some key issues along the road. A large section of this street is narrow with lanes divided by a sloped median which leaves minimal room for parked vehicles, pedestrians and through traffic.

In response to these concerns, we are now exploring options to improve road and footpath conditions.

The project aims to enhance road and footpath conditions by improving the functionality, serviceability and safety for pedestrians, parked cars and traffic.

Thanks for having your say!

Thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts, ideas and suggestions. We heard that there are concerns regarding the width of the street and on-street parking, road maintenance and quality issues resulting from poor drainage. There were also comments regarding the need for better traffic management and footpaths. Read the Summary Report or detailed Engagement Report for more information.

The project team have reviewed all feedback received and will use this to identify appropriate solutions. We will provide further updates to the community as the project progresses.