Project update

Thanks for having your say! Concept designs for Broadmeadow to Hamilton East Cycleway Improvements have now been adopted by Council. Read below to find out what we heard.

It is anticipated that detailed design will commence this financial year with construction to follow. We will provide an update to the community when construction is due to commence.


Cycling between Adamstown, Broadmeadow, Hamilton and Newcastle West is very popular. It connects some key cycleways and destinations, including schools, parks and local centres. However, the existing route which runs along Dumaresq Street is not designed for all ages and abilities, and there are some safety concerns which need to be addressed.

This work is part of a broader project which will provide a safe cycling connection between Newcastle West and Adamstown Station, which was identified in the CN's 'On Our Bikes – Cycling Plan 2021-2030'.

Everton Street was identified as a connection within the Cycling Plan. It is a quieter Street than Dumaresq Street, which is more appropriate for making a quiet way. Quiet ways aim to create a low-stress on-road experience for cyclists, with low speeds and volumes of motorised traffic.

Intersections are key points of conflict for pedestrians, cyclists and other road users. The proposed works will improve pedestrian and cyclist safety by introducing kerb extensions to reduce crossing distances and slow traffic where possible. The addition of refuges for cyclists allows them to cross the road in stages, while also reducing non-local traffic on Everton Street.

What is proposed?

We are seeking feedback on a proposal to deliver new infrastructure that will improve pedestrian and cyclist safety between Chatham Street, Broadmeadow and Gordon Avenue, Hamilton East. This project is part of the cycleway connection from Adamstown to Newcastle West.

Proposed works include:

  • A refuge for cyclists to safely cross Chatham Street at Koree Street
  • A shared path on the south side of Dumaresq Street from Chatham Street to Steel Street
  • Establishing a cycling 'quiet way' on sections of Steel Street and Everton Street by installing:
    • Kerb extensions at various intersections along Everton Street, including Steel St, Lawson Street and Gordon Avenue
    • Cycling refuges at the intersections of Everton Street and Beaumont Street & Everton Street and Gordon Avenue to improve crossing safety and calm traffic along Everton Street
  • Landscaping improvements, including rain gardens
  • Street lighting upgrades

As part of the proposed changes, Everton Street will become left turn in and left turn out only at the intersections of Beaumont Street and Gordon Avenue. Hook turn bays on Gordon Avenue will allow cyclists to turn right onto Everton Street.

Alternative options for the intersections on Everton Street at Beaumont Street and at Gordon Avenue have been developed including kerb extensions and small sections of cycle lanes with on/off ramps to allow cyclists to leave the road and cross in stages with pedestrians. Refuges would also be installed on Gordon Avenue to improve crossing safety.

The proposed works will significantly improve cycling safety from Broadmeadow to Hamilton East.

Thanks for having your say!

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on the planned cycleway improvements for Broadmeadow to Hamilton East.

What we heard during community consultation

During public exhibition 87 submissions were received. 73 supported the proposed upgrades (30 with changes) and 14 submissions did not support the project.

Key concerns/issues raised include:

  • Pedestrian accessibility at intersections across the project area.
  • Connectivity to the existing on-road cycling network to the west of the project area.
  • Protection and comfort for cyclists waiting at the intersections at Beaumont Street and Gordon Avenue.
  • Quietway treatments including kerb extensions and modal filters.
  • Proposed route for cyclists.
  • Pedestrian/cyclist interactions on shared paths.
  • Traffic speeds on streets that the cycleway crosses.

What changes have been made to the plan?

  • Kerb ramps to be provided to ensure accessibility for pedestrian access.
  • On/off ramps to be provided to ease the transition for cyclists from on-road to off-road.
  • A shared path connected to be developed from Chatham Road through to Pokolbin Street.
  • Kerb islands and central refuge at the intersection of Koree Road to be upgraded to meet current standards and improve pedestrian safety.
  • Small traffic island at the intersection of Chatham Street and Dumaresq Street to create a protected central median for pedestrians.
  • Small islands or kerb extensions to be installed on Steel Street at Dumaresq Street and Everton Street at Chaucer Street to provide a protected central median.
  • Small islands at the intersections of Beaumont Street and Gordon Avenue at Everton Street to improve safety for cyclists waiting to cross. Refuges on the south side of intersections at Beaumont Street and Gordon Avenue with kerb ramps.