Adoption of the Inland Pools Strategy 2043

On 23 May 2023, Council voted to unanimously adopt the Inland Pools Strategy 2043. You can view the final Strategy here.

Council also resolved to establish an Inland Pools Reserve Fund to set aside funding as part of the annual budget process to enhance our inland swimming pools over the next 20 years. City of Newcastle will advocate for funding and investment from State and Federal Governments in order to achieve the objectives of the strategy.

Why do we need a strategy for our pools?

City of Newcastle (CN) maintains five inland pools at Lambton, Wallsend, Mayfield, Stockton and Beresfield, all of which have a similar facility mix and were built over 40 years ago, with an average age of 53 years.

We recently engaged Otium Planning Group to develop a 20-year strategy for CN to continue operating all five pools into the future. Otium conducted a critical review of CN's pools to inform what is required to maintain and renew these assets whilst meeting the changing needs of our community, ensuring all five pools are fit for purpose.

The Inland Pools Strategy 2043 provides a recommended investment strategy for each of our inland pools to ensure they can operate safely over the next 20 years.

The benefits of our swimming pools

Sport and active recreation are a valuable part of life in Newcastle that promotes active lifestyles, helps develop valuable social networks and contributes to the liveability of communities.

Inland swimming pools are important spaces for the community and user groups such as schools, swimming clubs, water polo clubs and diving. The provision of aquatic facilities is a key deliverable within our Newcastle 2040 Community Strategic Plan.

Thank you for having your say!

Thank you for having your say on the draft Inland Pools Strategy 2043. Read the Engagement Reports to find out what we heard.

Based on your feedback, the following changes to the Strategy were made:

  • The Strategy will be reviewed within seven years to ensure short term actions have been delivered, technical advice remains valid, and the status of Hunter Park is considered.
  • Strategy wording has been updated to clarify that the proposed indoor pool at Lambton War Memorial Swimming Centre would provide both indoor and outdoor components. It is not proposed to turn the swimming centre into an indoor only centre.
  • Following community feedback, the table on page 47 has been corrected to include planned accessibility upgrades at Stockton. All five Swimming Centres will have accessibility upgrades at a cost of $250,000 each.
  • Following feedback about the maintenance of diving facilities, Table 5 Asset Maintenance has been updated with "including dive pool and tower".
  • The full official titles of CN's swimming centres has been used where feasible e.g. Lambton Park War Memorial Swimming Centre.
  • Terminology updated from Inland Pools Network Hierarchy to Inland Pools Network Categories.