Pedestrian Survey

From May to June 2022, City of Newcastle (CN) conducted an online survey to better understand:

  • walking patterns and behaviours
  • walking distances to various locations in your local area
  • the benefits of walking
  • important features that improve accessibility
  • how CN can encourage you walk more

Your feedback has helped us with a more holistic understanding of walking in Newcastle, and to develop the draft Principal Pedestrian Network.

Overall we had 660 survey responses. 57% were couples or families with children and 12% had lived experience with a disability, emphasising the importance of accessible infrastructure.

We heard that walking is important to our community. It's a time to think, relax, exercise, to enjoy fresh air, and explore the neighbourhood while getting places. We also heard that we need to do more to ensure the right infrastructure is in place for allowing people to walk where they need to.

The most important features for making walking attractive to you were wide paths, priority crossing points, lighting and kerb ramps. 89% of survey respondents told us that providing better pedestrian facilities would encourage them to walk more.

Read the Summary Engagement Report for more information.

Next steps

Phase One

The Pedestrian Survey is the first stage of engaging the community in the development of our strategic Walking and Mobility Plan.

Phase Two

During this stage, we launched an interactive storymap to introduce and improve the draft Principal Pedestrian Network (PPN) for Newcastle. The PPN is a mapped network of routes which support pedestrian activity into and around key destinations such as shops, schools, parks, and transport stops. The PPN will be an important part of our strategic Walking and Mobility Plan, and a key tool to improve and accelerate our pedestrian access program in the coming years.

Phase Three

In the final stage, we will invite the community to provide feedback on the draft Walking and Mobility Plan. This is an opportunity to help refine our strategic direction for pedestrian projects in the city.

To stay up to date with the progression of the PPN and our strategic Walking and Mobility Plan, visit our pedestrian page.