Help City of Newcastle make footpaths safer and more accessible for pedestrians across the city

City of Newcastle (CN) maintains over 1,000 km of footpaths, and each year we receive hundreds of requests from the community to improve pedestrian infrastructure. Upgrades are needed to improve the safety and accessibility of our footpath network, and encourage people to walk more. We know that greater participation in active transport is key to making Newcastle a liveable city, and walking is important for the health and wellbeing of our community.

CN is developing a new approach to how we prioritise improvements to the pedestrian network. As part of our Walking and Mobility Plan, we've developed a Principal Pedestrian Network (PPN) which is a mapped network of routes supporting an increase in the number of pedestrian trips into and around key destinations such as shops, schools, transport stops and other facilities.

Your feedback is important to ensure City of Newcastle's Walking and Mobility Plan reflects the diversity of our community, and caters to the needs of all pedestrians including older residents, people with limited mobility or vision impairments, parents with prams, school children and tourists.

To stay updated on the progress of our Walking and Mobility Plan, visit the project page.

Note: walking refers to all the different ways we use our public streets, parks and other spaces as a pedestrian.

Thanks for having your say!

Thank you for having your say via our interactive storymap and providing feedback on important routes and destinations, and missing footpath connections.

Your feedback will be used to inform the final Principal Pedestrian Network and help CN prioritise where pedestrian improvements are needed the most.

Next steps

We'll use your feedback to refine and improve the Principal Pedestrian Network.

Once finalised, the PPN will be incorporated into the draft Walking and Mobility Plan which will go on public exhibition later in the year.