As part of the CN Strategic Sports Plan (SSP) 2020, a number of recommendations were made relating to Smith Park, Hamilton including the development of a masterplan to guide the future vision and renewal of infrastructure over the next 10-15 years.

Specific recommendations from the SSP included: optimising the field layout and improving provisions for cricket, football and touch football/OzTag, upgrades to amenities and lighting improvements. The Newcastle Junior Cricket Association has been successful in receiving over $2.5 million in grant funding under the Multi Sport Community Facility Fund 2021/22.

Why develop a draft Masterplan for Smith Park?

CN has prepared a draft Masterplan for Smith Park in consultation with local sporting user groups to ensure that the proposed works are consistent with the long term vision of the park and meet the needs of all user groups. The Masterplan will be implemented in stages over a 10 year period with approved grant funding works being implemented as Stage 1 in the next financial year.

What's included in the draft Masterplan?

The draft Masterplan aims to develop a staged and flexible multi-use precinct to meet the recreation and sporting needs of the surrounding community, and enhance the visitor experience for players, officials and spectators.

Proposed works include:

  • Realignment of football, Oztag and Cricket fields to meet relevant field of play dimensions and increase capacity to 9 full size Oz Tag fields, 4 senior soccer fields, 3 senior cricket fields and 1 junior cricket field
  • Installation of drainage and irrigation*
  • Realignment of synthetic cricket wickets, new turf relay and installation of water tanks for future water harvesting opportunities*
  • Installation of lighting to meet relevant Australian Standards
  • Proposed community/facilities building
  • Upgrade of existing carpark
  • Existing 90 degree parking and loading area on Parkside Avenue to be replaced by parallel parking to accommodate changes to field layout

*part of Stage 1 Grant funded works

Note: Stage 1 works are subject to grant funding requirements and deadlines, and will commence as soon as practical.

Thanks for having your say!

Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback on the draft Masterplan. We're currently reviewing your feedback and will report back soon.